At the Cowart Ranch our goal is to provide grass fed pasture raised natural farm fresh beef, poultry, and eggs.  There are countless studies that prove grass fed pasture raised all natural meat has a much higher nutritional value than commercialized products that are loaded with hormones, steroids, antibiotics, etc.

Our grass fed pasture raised all natural products are even superior to products labeled as “organic”.  Organic  simply means the product is free from un-natural products such as antibiotics, steroids, hormones, etc which is a step in the right direction, but most organic products found in stores are commercialized, so the animals are cooped up in pens, not allowed to roam freely enjoying fresh grasses and absorbing Vitamin E and other nutrients from the Sun.

We raise black angus Wagyu cross beef for the perfect combination of flavor, texture, marbling, price and most important a safe and healthy product for your family to enjoy. 

Our chicken meat and eggs are pastured, which means they graze the land for food, not cooped up in fed grain.  Our chicken is much healthier than what you are purchasing at your local supermarket. 

Cowart Ranch never uses growth hormones, antibiotics, or anything unnatural for our animals.  We use what nature gave us; grasses, leguemes, sunshine, rain and some of the richest soil in the state of Florida.

Please take a few minutes to browse through each page of our website, we hope it provides you useful information on the advantages to eating the ultimate in healthy meats and eggs.


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